The main theme of my works has been the study of the individual in the family, hence a series of figurative works that mark and reveal the hidden beauty of the quotidian. I try to make a speech that comes from the most intimate through a style that could touch the naive and can narrate that which is based on my own experience. I deepen in the human condition through my own experiences: I extract the pain, the fear, the joy, the calmness, the anxiety, etc. The states of the soul after all, and I represent them through harmonic compositions in their form. Investigate leads me to analyze them from a con- ceptual perspective that shapes my artistic research, a task that helps me deal with every stage of my life, always seeking the interrelationship and empathi- zing by the observer.
In my graphic work I use, through engraving, the attempt to define and describe everything that surrounds me. 

“Look and learn, son!” 2017
Smiling family
Hartgrund, Aquatinta. 7,5x9,5cm. Auflage: 5.
“Happy together” 2017
“Come with me to the paradise” 2016
“Escape from the paradise” 2016
“The dream of the world” 2016
“The game is over” 2016
“...and they lived happily ever after” 2016
“...and they lived happily ever after” 2016